About Us

The Peterborough Kawartha NDP Riding Association provides members of this riding with information about Party activity at the local, provincial and federal levels. A map of our riding is here.

Candace Shaw is the current Peterborough-Kawartha Federal NDP candidate. Please visit www.candaceshawptbo.com for more information, or to get in touch.

Sean Conway is the former Peterborough-Kawartha Provincial NDP candidate. He continues to be active in our riding as a Councillor at Curve Lake First Nation. Contact Sean at: sean.conway@ontariondp.ca

You can become a member of the NDP here.

Our Current Riding Association Executive:     

President - David Berger

Federal Vice-President - Open Position

Provincial Vice-President - Natalie Stephenson

Federal Chief Financial Officer - Joe O'Connor

Provincial Chief Financial Officer - Janice Scott (cfo@pkndp.ca)

Secretary - Steve Sharpe

Membership Secretary/Organizer - Alissa Paxton (membership@peterboroughndp.ca)

Volunteer Coordinator - Mikey Temple

Youth Organizer (male) - Open Position

Youth Organizer (female) - Eliza Rubecha-O'Hearn

Women's Representative - Agnieszka Mlynarz

Persons Living with a Disability Representative - Angela Kirley

Provincial Council Delegates - Charlene Avon, Sean Conway

Member at Large - Margie Sumadh

Volunteer Opportunities:

PKNDP is always looking for help, if you are interested in getting involved perhaps you might find a home on one of our committees! Please email contact@pkndp.ca for more information.

Our Committees: Communications, Governance, Fundraising, Membership, Policy

Constitution and Bylaws of the Peterborough-Kawartha NDP Federal Electoral District Association

Constitution and Bylaws of the Peterborough-Kawartha Provincial NDP Riding Association